Reality show contestants open up about being conned into believing they were dating Prince Harry

Meghan Markle will soon — i. Well, OK, the British part will come a little later after she passes a U. Her love story with Prince Harry has played out like a modern day fairytale , but let’s not forget that, a few short years ago, the idea of an American actress winning Prince Harry’s heart was literally a reality TV punchline. In , the same year Meghan Markle was launching her now-shuttered lifestyle blog The Tig and working on season three of Suits , Fox debuted I Wanna Marry Harry , a Joe Millionaire- style reality show that asked the question: Are American women dumb enough to believe they’re on a season of The Bachelor starring Prince Harry? Yes, the show did outright tell them their leading man was Harry, although obviously he wasn’t — more on that later. I Wanna Marry Harry was horrible in all the right ways, and didn’t even try to pretend otherwise. Here’s the trailer, if you need a refresher, or if you completely missed the series when it was on the air — it was canceled after just four episodes, after all:.

Fox drops I Wanna Marry Harry show after fake royal dating series fails to fool American viewers

Welcome to Glamour UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Remember that Prince Harry-themed reality show we told you about? You know, the one where a bunch of American girls pursued some dude who looked vaguely like Harry in a dating competition?

Harry actually won even more money on a dating show in the past It shows her drinking liquor straight from the bottle and seeming to fake cry.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey can finally revel in a happy ending. The infamous Too Hot To Handle couple announced today that they are still officially dating nearly a year after filming on the Netflix reality show ended. Viewers were left wondering about Francesca and Harry’s post-show fate. But with one couple-y Instagram post and a slew of eyebrow-raising interviews, there’s no denying these two are A Thing.

But it was Farago who went IG official with their romance first. She shared a close-up photo of the pair laughing with the caption, “always been you..

There’s A Trailer For That Dating Show With A Fake Prince Harry

OK, not Prince Harry — but a Prince Harry lookalike, who will try to persuade him that he is in fact the fourth in line to the British Throne. No matter that the guy only looks like Prince Harry if you stand very far away and squint a little while tilting your head to one side. Source: Press Association. The show premiered on Fox TV early last week to bad ratings and scathing reviews, with Time.

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In an American reality TV show called I Wanna Marry Harry was up by fake paparazzi, photos of the real Prince William and Harry left.

This opinion comes from a British person who knows what Prince Harry looks like. Chris Raphael photo copyright Fox Broadcasting. If the fake Prince Harry Matt Hicks has anything to do with it, then yes. After stating numerous times that his intention on this show was to actually find love, Hicks…. The winning couple of the now-canceled FOX series walked off the show together, but since then, have been forced to spend time….

Chris Raphael photo copyright Fox Broadcasting Co. If a reality dating show gets pulled from air four episodes in, does anyone care Christ on a bike, what have I gotten myself into? Welcome to the ghetto version of the Bachelor! Over the next few months, 12 dumb girls will fight in a competition to win the […]. After signing up for new Fox reality show, I Wanna Marry Harry, these 12 ladies are seen being wooed by a real pretender to the throne.

Fake Prince Harry Reality Show Makes Us Highly Uncomfortable

However, there is a catch: it’s not actually Prince Harry, but look-alike, Matthew Hicks. Hicks was given an upper-crust makeover before meeting the American women searching for Prince Charming. Over the course of eight weeks, he must convince these beautiful women that he is a member of the Royal Family. If he does, will they fall for the crown or fall in love with the real him? The reality show will receive its global premiere on May 27 on Fox.

Former reality show contestants who were conned into believing they were DATING Prince Harry open up about being ‘brainwashed’ and Harry being ready to find his princess, which in hindsight, she said ‘all felt very fake.

And no one got in more trouble with Lana than Francesca Farago, a year-old Canadian who captured the heart — or at least hormonal longings — of baby-faced Australian Harry Jowsey. She and Jowsey briefly broke up after leaving Mexico but have reunited and are still very much together, though currently isolating in different countries. Farago spoke by phone from Vancouver about her unlikely journey to enlightenment.

I was reached out to via Instagram DM by someone in production. It was very sexually oriented. I was prepared for some weird concept. It went from being a hot, fun summer with single people to an experience of learning and personal growth, so we were all confused. We all had commitment issues. I was so mad, though. How could you do this to me?


On this reality dating show, 12 American women were led to believe they were competing for the affections of Prince Henry of Wales, better known as Harry, the rakish, redheaded bachelor who was then fourth in line to the British throne. Of course, it wasn’t really him, hence the quotation marks in the show’s title.

The series, essentially a mean-spirited, aristocratic update on Joe Millionaire , drew widespread ridicule and scorn. Viewers and critics alike were aghast: How could these women possibly believe that this guy is royalty? I also go back to school in September, to NYU for drama therapy.

A bunch of American girls compete for a date with a Prince Harry lookalike. Genius or evil?

The speculation about “Sir’s” identity intensifies as one lady finds a very telling photograph in “Sir’s” room. Later, the luxurious dates continue with a yacht ride down the River Thames, horseback Later, back at the estate, the The guy looks an awful lot like prince Harry, but he is in fact a regular guy with a job he loves but doesn’t pay enough to own a See the gallery. Title: I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’ Single American women compete for the heart of a Prince Harry lookalike, who they are led to believe is the real thing.

To the reviews putting Ryan and the rest of the crew down for “such a stupid idea:” What do you do for a living? The “story lines” you have set up and played out in your head change every second of every day. You never know what to expect from your cast that’s not in on the prank.

I Wanna Marry “Harry” Reality Show: Watch the Women Get Duped by Fake Prince Harry in the Teaser!

The premise? What could possibly go wrong? If the frustrating amount of quotation marks in the title is any indicator, a whole lot. Some call me a stoner with too much free time to watch television. I call myself a cultural anthropologist who, with the assistance of THC, has the ability to consistently sniff out? Entering into this show in a post-Meghan Markle world, I was a bit critical.

I Wanna Marry Harry was a Show wherein a group of female contestants were This British reality series was an elaborate hoax designed to trick a group of.

As inane as that premise for a reality show is, its ridiculousness becomes even more apparent when the central bachelor has a personality like a piece of wet cardboard. By all accounts, FOX pulled out all of the stops to gaslight these women into thinking this random stranger was Prince Harry. It was just someone from the production team. And this was after a full week of complete isolation before the filming began so, as Birch put it, they would go a little stir crazy.

They locked us each in our own separate rooms, where we had no TV, no cell phones, no books, and absolutely nothing to do for a full week. Hicks and Birch kept in touch after the show but never continued a romantic relationship. Reality show couples under the best circumstance are tenuous: couples that are supposed to declare their love for each other have only dated for about a month, in highly staged scenarios, simultaneously with a dozen other women.

Hicks had the added hurdle of not being able to tell these women anything about himself, and also maintaining his role in an accessory to an implausible group gaslight attempt. But ridiculous as it was — and it was ridiculous — the show was attempting to tap into something real: the American fixation on English royalty and a fantasy of a fairytale romance.

We have always worshipped the beautiful and rich and famous, the unattainable who live in a social strata above us, and there is nothing less attainable to Americans that the British aristocracy — so unattainable that 12 of us could be adequately fooled by a helicopter and security detail and red hair dye. At least, it had been unattainable for Americans, before Ms. Markle became the one who gets to finally marry Harry.

That Prince Harry dating show is coming to the UK

When it was announced that Fox would be airing a reality show this summer in which 12 single American women were flown to a British estate and led to believe that the man they were going on dates with was Prince Harry, we had a lot of questions. How was it possible these women were all fooled? How would the women respond to being told they had been making out for days not with Prince Harry, but rather with some random redhead?

Its producers thought they had hit US TV gold with a new television dating show featuring single American women pursuing the hand of a.

In , 24 women joined a dating show under the premise that Prince Harry was their prize. Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Kathryn Lindsay. Kimberly Birch must not have been feeling well. That was the only explanation, a producer told her, for why she was suddenly having doubts.

Prince Harry Impersonator Tricks Women in New Dating Reality Show