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Keep Your Cat Out Of Men who like cats are less likely to get a date. That’s the takeaway from a study by Colorado State University , which found that women are less likely to swipe right — or say yes — to men if they’re posing with a cat in a picture. Katie Johnston reports. Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. So you have a cat and you want to snuggle up with them because they’re so cute and furry and sweet. We get it!

If Your Cat had a Dating Profile, What Would It Say? [PHOTOS]

For men, in particular, a study from Colorado State University found that women preferred men in photos alone, rather than in photos with their cats. Taking into account the different relationships respondents might be looking for, whether it be long-term or short-term, across the board respondents preferred dating the man without the cat in the picture. Due to the fact that dogs are more reliant on humans for their care, cats may not be viewed as much of a symbol of responsiblity, according to the study.

The majority of the respondents said they were a dog person Maybe one way to tackle these gender stereotypes, and perceptions of cat ownership, is to look at what products and services this industry provides to these owners.

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According to a study from the Colorado State University, men with a cat in their dating profile photo are less likely to get the approval by women. The study had scientists show hundreds of women photos side by side photos of the same man. The photos used in the study, which revealed women favored pictures of the men without cats.

The results showed that men pictured with cats were picked noticeable less than without the furry feline. The author of the study wrote ,. After a picture was displayed, the participants were asked to rate the man on several attributes. These attributes included the 11 items that comprise the BFI Big Five Inventory, short version to assess the big five personality dimensions Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness.

These attributes include the following:. The next time you’re choosing the perfect dating profile picture, you may want to think twice about having your cat in it if you want to get the swipe right. Breaking News:.

Women are less likely to swipe for a man pictured with a cat

CNN We have cat-astrophic news for animal lovers: Men who like cats are less likely to get a date. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds.

Study Says Keep Your Cat Out of Dating Profile Apparently the stereotype that women like “bad boys” still holds up. A study found that when.

A new study conducted by researchers at Colorado State University has found that women are less likely to swipe right on men if they’re posing with a cat in their dating profiles. The researchers showed a total of women — aged between 18 and 24 — photos of two men, both posed in two separate photos. One showed them with a cat and the other had them posed without one.

The women were then asked to rate the men on several attributes, including perceived personality, perceived masculinity or femininity, and perceived dateability, with scientists “asking directly if each participant would consider dating the man in the photo for a short or long term” period. Researchers say that their findings are likely the result of cultural stereotypes about cat and dog owners. The findings were contradictory to the researchers’ initial hypothesis, which stated that “men posing with cats would be considered more attractive and desirable for short-term causal dating than when posing alone.

Earlier this year, a survey conducted by OnePoll and the pet food brand ” I and love and you ” also showed a positive correlation between dog ownership and dating. The study examined the relationship between pets and dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder. Similarly, Rover. FB Tweet ellipsis More.

Women less likely to swipe right for men posing with cats on dating profiles, study says

Tabby is the place for single cat lovers to meet, because who wants to fall head over heels before realising that your whiskered pet is despised by your other half? The app allows people to meet and organise a date for their pet cats. Leigh and Casey Isaacson, the sisters who created this treasure, decided that there was a gap in the market after reading a study earlier this year which revealed that men who feature cats in their online dating profiles actually get fewer matches.

While dogfishers get all the love with their borrowed pups, it seems kittens have the opposite effect.

Dating. After a screen name, it is a particularly bad date this new cat lovers is a vibrant community of absurdity. Pof headlines for the profiles online dating advice​.

A recent study out of Colorado State University and Boise State University suggests that a man holding a cat in profile photo might make women perceive him as less masculine and less datable. The study asked participants a series of questions regarding a photo of a man without a cat on several attributes, including perceived personality, perceived masculinity or femininity and perceived dateability, asking if each participant would consider dating the man in the photo for a short or long term.

The same questions were presented when they showed the same man holding a cat in the photo. Men posing with a cat were perceived as “less datable” by women. A total of people responded to the survey. Of the that met the criteria of being female and between 18 and 24 years of age,

A dating profile photo with a cat will land you in the litter box

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Jun 30, – Men were deemed less masculine and less attractive when they held up cats in their dating pics, according to researchers.

It turns out that women are less likely to swipe right on men who have cats. Scientists Lori Kogan and Shelly Volsche surveyed straight women aged 18 to 24 who were shown photos of two men, both pictured with and without a cat. After the pictures were shown, they rated the men on attributes including personality, masculinity, dateability, and whether they would consider having a short or long term relationship with them. The study found that women preferred the pictures of the men without their furry pal.

After seeing one of the photos without a cat, 38 percent of women said they were likely or very likely to casually date the man in the picture, while 37 percent said they would consider dating him seriously. Only 9 percent said they would never date him.

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A new study suggests that men with cats in their dating profile pics, get less dates than those that don’t. Scientists at Colorado State University.

A genius guy in Los Angeles decided to get involved in promoting pet adoption at his local shelter, the Santa D’Or Adoption Center , in a very creative way. He created little cards that listed the animals’ likes and dislikes, you know, to give their potential owners a better look at their personalities. And spoiler: All those personalities are hilarious and awesome. And the list actually goes on.

Thank you, cat adoption hero man. We salute you. Home Awww Funny. Kayleigh Roberts. Kayleigh Roberts is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional experience. She is also a dedicated dog owner who brings her curiosity and passion for animals to her writing for Cuteness.

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Imagine meeting someone, falling in love , then finding out the person you’ve mentally planned out your wedding favours with despises cats. No matter how much you think you can move past it, if your partner hates your pet, it can be a legit deal breaker in a relationship. But now a new dating app aims to sort this dilemma once and for all. New app Tabby allows feline lovers to meet and organise kitty dates for their pets.

Just like most dating apps, you can enter all of your ‘vitals’ like your age and job, but also those of your cat, such as their breed and personality traits.

We have cat-astrophic news for animal lovers: Men who like cats are less likely to get a date.

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LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat. Saved from cat dating profile. Why We Love Cats – Family Systems Theory.

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